Bigg Boss 6: Sapna Bhavnani abuses Salman Khan, calls him a serial woman beater

Bigg Boss 6 viewers would remember that contestant Sapna Bhavnani and host Salman Khan got into a small tiff last week during the elimination episode. It all started when Sapna said that she did not participate in the show for money, a statement which Salman refused to believe in. Sapna further added that she was there on the show to talk about women empowerment to which Salman said that he never heard her talk about it and if she wanted she could have spoken about the issue in the 3 weeks that she had been on the show.

After this episode, Sapna was seen talking to fellow contestant as to how she did not come on the show for money and just because they get paid, anyone cannot say things to them (obviously referring to Salman’s comments). However according to a tabloid that’s not where it ended, Sapna who was mad at Salman went ahead and called him a serial woman beater. She also added “Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati kartye rahe har Friday. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bullshit sunti rahoongi har Friday?”. Sapna also said that if she wins the show, she would buy one of Salman’s paintings and gift it to him!

All these comments were edited by the makers who obviously didn’t want to show anti-Salman comments to the viewers. After all this, we look forward to the interaction between Salman and Sapna this week. Will Salman ignore the comments or give it back to her? Wait and watch!

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