Censor rejects Jism 2 promo, to release on the internet on 29th June!

The first promo of Jism 2 has been rejected by the Censor Board. It is not something that was not expected, after all the movie stars Sunny Leone and the makers have promised it to be even hotter than the first Jism. The news was shared by director Pooja Bhatt on twitter who is obviously quite angry with the decision  “First music promo for #Jism2 has been given an ‘A’ certificate. And this was what one could call a truly watered down version.” she wrote.

Venting her anger on twitter Pooja further said “So the deal is this-You can’t buy spots on TV for a promo with an ‘A’ certificate. Which basically means you can’t publicize your music! So will I pare down the promo of #Jism2 to appease the censors? Or release it on the internet & push forward a more sanitized song on TV?”.

After the rejection, Pooja Bhatt has refused to budge and has in fact decided to release the uncensored version on the internet instead. “Absolutely REFUSE to pare my scheduled trailer down to pander to an over cautious Censor board. Will release promo on the internet instead. So we’ve decided to throw all caution to the winds & go ahead and release our first music promo on June 29’TH as scheduled over the INTERNET. Since we’re going the internet way,you’ll see an uncensored version! ” she further added.

So get ready to see the uncensored Jism 2 promo on 29th June! Jism 2 stars Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda  and Arunoday Singh in lead roles and will release on 3rd August.

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