Content is the new king in Bollywood!

Move over the Khans and Kapoors, content is the real king of Bollywood today!

There was a time when directors needed superstars to make their movies work, there was also a  time when movies with good scripts flopped just because they had no big names associated with them. However all those are things of the past, welcome to the new Bollywood where content is the king and real hero of the movie!

Sure films with superstars are doing well too but what has changed is the mindset of the Indian audience. Today films are targeted at different audience and even if your films has an unconventional story, it will find its place provided it has a good story to tell. The audience has matured and is ready to accept unconventional stories and bold scripts with open arms. The recent success of films like Kahaani, Paan Singh Tomar and now Vicky Donor has proved that content is truly the new king of the Hindi film industry.

While Kahaani was a small budget film about a woman’s journey to find her husband, Paan Singh Tomar starred Irfan Khan who by no means is a superstar. Kahaani was a women centric film, a genre that has not done too well with the Indian audience in the past. However the film with its brilliant star cast and solid script won the hearts of cinegoers and was declared a Blockbuster at the box office. Kahaani is the biggest hit of the year in terms on return on investment. Paan Singh Tomar was inspired from the real life story of athlete ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ who won various medals for the country but was later forced to became a bandit. The film opened slow at the box office but picked up due to positive word of mouth. The success of the movie proved that the audience appreciates a good film even if it’s without songs and superstars!

Last week’s release Vicky Donor is the latest to join the list of small films with a big heart. John’s Abraham maiden production venture has struck the right chord with the audience. The film is being appreciated for dealing with a issue like sperm donation in the most non-preachy and sensible way. The success of these three movies has also proved that today the directors are not afraid to explore new boundaries and touch unconventional themes. Today for every Agneepath, there is a Kahaani and Paan Singh Tomar!

With the Indian audience finally accepting content driven movies, we hope that we get to see more such wonderful films from Bollywood!

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