English Vinglish: Sridevi is back with a bang!

The original diva Sridevi returned to the big screen this week with English Vinglish after 15 long years. The movie as well as Sridevi has received tremendous reviews from the critics. Most of reviewers find it hard to believe that the actress was not working for 15 years. She still has the same charm and grace and has in fact become better with age. Here’s what some critics have to say about Sridevi’s performance in English Vinglish.

“Sridevi doesn’t miss a beat. Her performance is a triumph. She’s vulnerable and sad, yet selfless and strong, in the way we all know our mothers to be. She imbues Shashi’s quest for respect with genuine emotion. It’s hard to imagine that this is an actor who hasn’t worked in fifteen years.” – Anupama Chopra (Hindustan Times)

“The actress is effortlessly charming as the neglected protagonist who discovers herself when she’s allowed to fly. She infuses the part with the right portions of vulnerability, restraint, and quiet strength, delivering a performance that is nothing short of perfect.” – Rajeev Masand (IBN)

“Sri excels in fleshing out her character — a character too simple to be, say, charismatic — and also, more importantly, in winning the audience over so completely that her little triumphs, like navigating a turnstile at a subway station, seem like major highs. We root for her at every step, and that is no small feat.” – Raja Sen (Rediff)

“She’s stellar, in terrific form, immersing herself in this character, playing her age… so much so that after a point you forget you’re watching someone who has immortalized so many characters.” – Taran Adarsh (Bollywood Hungama)

“Sridevi not only looks beautiful but also matures as an actress. Her portrayal of a vernac housewife who is determined to change the condescending perceptions about her is pure brilliance. ” – Mansha Rastogi (Nowrunning)

“Her beauty remains untouched, the age only adding to the persona rather than taking away from it. The squeaky voice remains, and Sridevi may still not be a fit for diverse roles, but she makes Shashi her own, infusing life in the character and endearing herself to audiences in every scene.” –  Aniruddha Guha (DNA)

Looking at such fantastic reviews, we would just like to say one thing – Welcome back Sridevi!

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