Episode 10 of Satyamev Jayate on Untouchability – Dignity For All

The 10th episode of Satyamev Jayate which will air on 8th July will see Aamir Khan talk about the prevalent issue of untouchability in our Indian society. The caste system has been present in India for long where people are classified as “upper caste” and “lower caste”. The lower caste were often referred as “untouchables” in the past. Though things have changed, still a lot remains to be be done to make our society label free.

This 10th episode of Satyamev Jayate on “Untouchability – Dignity For All” will be a two hour special episode. Like every week, we look forward to what Aamir has to say about this. Have a look at the promo for the 8th July Episode of Satyamev Jayate in which the actor is asking us that “What will make our country invincible?”  Tune in at 11 AM on Star Plus on 8th July to watch this one!

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  • yash makwana

    amir you realy done a great job. i mst congratulate u& i always support u.i m always b with u. 

  • Ayush Agrawal

    aamir sir, please show the other side of the caste system as well.I got 91.8% but still i am not getting admission in top colleges, whereas students of OBC,SC etc scored less.. around 85.. they got admission!  Discrimination should also be removed in our education and parliament system as well!!

  • Sanket Agrawal

    now situation has changed pls show the effect of reservation system on big colleges like IITs.Brillant people dont get addmission due to reservation system and the quality of engineers is declining due to this reservation system because IITians are considered to be the one who can build great future of india and if we continuously give addmission to undeserving ones in IIT then our future is really in dark.Also the one coming from the reservation policy are the ones who are receiving excellent facilities ,they are not deprived of any facility.The one who really deserve this reservation are the people of village who don’t even come to IITs.Also give a solution to what a poor upper caste family should do who don’t have any facility to compete in this world.