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Reviews Summary: Ferrari Ki Sawaari has opened to good to average reviews from the critics. Directer Rajesh Mapuskar has been applauded for making a fine debut. The best part of the film are its lovable characters. Sharman Joshi is clearly this star of the movie has given a superb performance. However it is the second half of the movie which drags and makes the movie less enjoyable.

Box Office: The film has opened to average response. The overall collections are in the range of 20%, however the film has done well at certain multiplexes where the collections were 30%.

Total Reviews: 11

4 stars: 1

3.5 stars: 1

3 stars: 4

2.5 stars: 5

Times Of India 4 stars: Sometimes, it doesn’t take 11 players to make a dream team. Debutant director, Rajesh Mapuskar, has a winning team with just three, plus a red hottie (Ferrari of course, we’re not talking about boombaat Balan). And guess what…we don’t miss the presence of a pretty ‘maiden’ here too. The spirit of the film is in the effusive chemistry between Rusy and his son, which is entertaining and utterly moving.

Bollywood Hungama 3.5 stars: On the whole, FERRARI KI SAWAARI is a noble film, a film that has its heart in the right place. It’s well-intended and sincere and it goes about its business with incredible earnestness. Of course, the film has its share of hiccups, but then all films do, right? But keeping the fault-finding apart, FERRARI KI SAWAARI is an accomplished effort. It’s that exceptional film that communicates a point and tells a sensitive story in those 2.10 hours. This heartwarming, tender and sprightly film should not be missed!

DNA 3 stars: Hirani’s own directorial ventures did pull the exaggerated bits with aplomb, but in FKS, the plot seems farfetched after a point. You did buy Rancho’s ‘Aal eez well’ mantra making childbirth seem like a piece of cake, but FKS expects you to suspend disbelief way too often. Chopra and Mapuskar’s screenplay gets outrageously melodramatic towards the end (the climax seems like it was shot at the same Lage Raho mandap).

Zee News 3 stars: As a film which has the game of cricket as its scaffolding and thriving ground, the usage of a car belonging to the iconic cricketer might not be a phenomenal tribute, but is quite laudable. The producer and director of the film – Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajesh Mapuskar, have successfully pulled off their offering to the God of Cricket.

Glamsham 3 stars: For the first 45 minutes Mapuskar, along with these three, takes you on a flaming ride. However, just before the interval, he hits a road bump. An exhaustive scene where the politician has second thoughts on wanting a Ferrari for his son’s wedding gets a bit tedious taking the fun out of the outstanding drive so far. It picks up again after the break and then stutters and stops before speeding off again to once again come to a grinding halt, just before the end.

Nowrunning 3 stars: Rajesh Mapuskar has been closely associated with all the recent celebrated works of Vidhu Vinod Chopra so it doesn’t come as a surprise when we see the same emotional connect and simplicity in his work too. Within seconds the film grows on you and the detailing about the normalcy in the life of Rustam is so infectious and relatable that in no time you get transported into the authentic Parsi lifestyle.

NDTV Movies 2.5 stars: It has an unusual plot premise all right, but the connection between Sachin’s flaming-red Ferrari that is spirited away from its parking bay and taken on a merry spin across Mumbai and a young boy’s ambition to play at Lord’s and notch up 100 centuries for India is too far-fetched to be convincing. What makes matters worse is the generally limpid pace of the narrative. Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a thank you note to Sachin Tendulkar for inspiring a whole generation of young Indians to pick up the willow and knock the cricket ball around with intent. It would have made its point a lot better had it been as crisp as a Sachin cover drive or as heart-pounding as the thrill of a Ferrari at full throttle. It’s neither.

Rediff 2.5 stars: This is director Rajesh Mapuskar’s first outing as a director and he should be given full credit for a screenplay which steers clear of subplots, sexist jokes or the general paraphernalia foisted on hoping to make the film a hit. The story zigzags between real, fantasy and make-believe and bizarre co-incidences which is a formidable task for any director leave alone a first timer.

Rajeev Masand 2.5 stars: Starting off nicely as a portrait of a middle-class Parsi home, Ferrari Ki Sawaari coasts along comfortably, delivering clean laughs punctuated by occasional moist-eye moments. But from the moment Rusy makes off with the master blaster’s hot-wheels, the film seems to abandon all sense of logic, and subsequently sinks into a sludge of melodrama.The business with a local corporator and his witless soon-to-be-married son goes on way too long, and a pre-climax scene in which Rusy appeals to citizens on live television when Kayo goes missing is so over-the-top it makes you cringe.

Yahoo 2.5 stars: No Bollywood A-listers, no comedy of errors where people get seriously injured, double meaning jokes- absent. And it doesn’t even have a story that’s compelling enough when you narrate it. But if this film does craft anything with delicious enthusiasm, it has to be the amiable characters that manage to hassle you with their problems and allow you to relish their joys as if they were your own.

Koimoi 2.5 stars: Director Rajesh Mapuskar makes an impressive debut. Although he is let down by the script to an extent, he makes the father-son relationship very heartfelt, which, in itself, makes the film worth a watch. Music, by Pritam Chakraborty, is soulful and adds to the narrative. On the whole, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a well-intentioned and nicely made film that entertains in parts.

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