Has Kareena Kapoor really gone fat?

It was Kareena Kapoor who made size zero a topic a of national discussion in India! The actress lost oodles of weight for her role in Tashan, particularly so because she had to wear a bikini in the movie. Her lean frame became a topic of hot discussion and before you would know, every girl in India wanted to have a figure like Kareena Kapoor.

However Tashan came in 2008 and today after 4 years we are hearing stories about Kareena Kapoor’s weight again. Though the difference this time around is that the stories are about how the actress has gone flabby and needs to lose weight. Oh the ironies of life! We try to see whether Kareena has really gained a lot of weight or is media just exaggerating the whole thing. Let’s compare her pictures from 2008 and 2012.

Left- Kareena in Tashan (2008), Right- Kareena promotes Agent Vinod (2012)

Well the two pictures above clearly show that Kareena Kapoor has indeed gained weight in the last 4 years. However is the weight gain enough to call her fat? We feel that though she might need to lose a few pounds, she is definitely not fat. We were definitely not keen on her Tashan look for she looked like a walking skeleton in the movie. Her weight in the movie Jab We Met was probably perfect and it would be great if Kareena could go back to that weight.

We like this healthy Kareena and also love the glow on her face. But losing few pounds would definitely do her good!

We look forward to your views on this.

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  • anita123

    she is still mad skinny mad!…nobody can ever in life call her fat..and if we talk bout vidya and sonakshi…they r not that fat..not even fat..but everybody possesses different looks..not everybody is the same…n if they were fat thn how they became actresses…not only the beauty is important for this..but the body too..and hoever call anyone especially kareena sonakshi or vidya fat..i m 100 sure they are mad fat themself….love bollywood actors and actresses
    however lollowood actressess are actually much more slimer and both bolywood and lolywood