Hate Story gets mixed reviews- Hate Story Reviews RoundUp

Another release of the week Hate Story has opened to mixed reviews. Most of the reviews point out to the lack of logic in the screenplay. Actress Paoli Dam has also received mixed reviews for her performance. Looks like this one has fallen short of Vicky Donor as far as the reviews are concerned.

Here’s a quick summary of all the Hate Story reviews

Total Reviews: 12

3.5 stars: 1

3 stars: 2

2 stars: 5

1.5 stars: 3

1 star: 1

Apunkachoice 3.5 stars: “Hate Story” is not quite the tale of the simpering wronged woman we’ve been seeing in our films since the time Adam impregnated Eve.This is a most riveting and aesthetic saga of a woman’s revenge against the man who’s wronged her since R.K. Nayyar’s “Inteqaam” — except for the fact that Paoli does things Sadhana in Nayyar’s film could have never imagined.

Bollywood Hungama 3 stars: On the whole, HATE STORY banks on the age-old vendetta theme, but what takes it beyond the mediocre mark is the cat and mouse game played by the protagonist and antagonist, besides, of course, the bold and provocative scenes that add spice to the proceedings. Though engaging in parts, there’s no denying that the second hour seizes your attention, making it a watchable experience.

Times Of India 3 stars: The film instead blows the top right off the dirty deals, the, well, intercourse between different power spheres ruling India’s capital – business, politics, journalism, police, all meet in this slick flick. Depending on who you are, the intersections provide some pleasure – and lots of pain. Appreciate, if you will, the thriller, not the diet-erotica – that’s rather an anti-climax.

Daily Bhaskar 2 stars: Predictable storyline and loosely weaved thrill will undoubtedly act as a hindrance for Hate Story. However, spiced up thrilling experience in patches, might be a reason to push yourself towards ticket window. Our final word- Stay away from Hate Story and look around for the donor, who might grace you with few funny moments, if not steamy scenes.

Zee News 2 stars:Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘Hate Story’ falls miserably short of being called an erotic thriller. The film is a revenge saga and to put it simply lacks logic. A weak script and weak performance makes this film an ordinary revenge tale. Pitty, considering the way it was being marketed, it could have turned out be a bold erotic thriller and perhaps changed the thriller genre in the industry. But that would be asking for a lot!

Sify 2 stars: Ok, now this is one of those films where the film’s publicity promises, er, something else. It’s a desperate ‘get-bums-on-the-seats’ strategy. The publicity overdosed on the erotica quotient, making us expect a blatant and exploitative skin-show, Vikram Bhatt ishtyle. Strangely, the film turns out to be rather tame by those standards.

Koimoi 2 stars: Vikram Bhatt’s story is ordinary and predictable. However, Bhatt’s screenplay works in parts because of the mind games between the two opponents, Kavvya and Siddharth.The screenplay also creates ample scope for explicit scenes (many of which have remained uncensored, in spite of a few obvious cuts). The second half is much more arresting than the first half, which has several scenes that are unintentionally funny.

Glamsham 2 stars: While the premise for revenge is promising, the method is a little baffling. Why would Kaavya want the services of the most expensive ‘call girl’ to understand the art of faking? Vivek Agnihotri gets off the track here by trying to infuse some oomph. But he has done enough of that in the seduction scene between Siddharth and Kaavya! HATE STORY is neither spectacular, nor boring. It falls somewhere in between.

Rediff 1.5 stars: Hate Story doesn’t do either of these, and instead moans a lot. Literally. There is so much audible huffing, grunting, puffing, sighing, groaning and wheezing in this film that it feels like watching Rafa Nadal play Maria Sharapova with Monica Seles occasionally swinging by to show them how to achieve proper volume from the baseline. All these sounds are punctuated by ludicrous dialogue delivered so poorly (and loudly) that it fails even to achieve so-bad-its-good status. Pity, that.

DNA 1.5 stars: Two things stand out in Hate Story, the song Dil Kaanch Sa and Gulshan Devaiah. If you were expecting that Paoli Dam’s Bollywood debut and overall nudity in the list, this reviewer is not sorry to disappoint you. All disappointment was exhausted while watching Hate Story. Overall, Hate Story remains a painfully long and worthless thriller. You’d love to hate Hate Story. Unless the voyeur in you insists, stay away from the theaters.

Nowrunning 1.5 stars: A revenge saga, if dealt properly, can at least make for an interesting one time watch. However, Vivek Agnihotri falters at the basic premise of it. The entire ‘normal girl turning into a prostitute to seek revenge’ doesn’t quite gel well with the storyline as in the process she is seen sleeping around with only two men to work her way up the ladder. The length of the film is another hassle. At a full length feature film of 2 and a half hour, you irksomely start hating the time being put to finish viewing it.

Movie Talkies 1 star: Vivek Agnihotri had gone blue in the face claiming that his latest film Hate Story is an erotic thriller, but the film has a very yawn inducing erotica and no thrills to speak of, as such. Paoli Dam’s Bollywood debut, which also stars Nikhil Dwivedi and Gulshan Devaiyah, proves to be a bitter disappointment.In conclusion, apart from a few sex scenes, which might excite a certain class of movie-goer, Hate Story does not have anything palatable to offer.

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