Is there an overdose of Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha?


Sonakshi Sinha’s seems to be one hot favorite with the actors these days especially when they are doing a masala movie and looks like Shotgun junior doesn’t mind playing the beauty piece in the background (well at least till now!). One of her favorite co-stars is Akshay Kumar who can’t seem to get enough of her. Let’s take a look at how many movies they have done till now and   what to expect in the coming year.

1. Rowdy Rathore (2012) : The duo first came together in Rowdy Rathore this year and the movie was a runaway success. Their chemistry was appreciated even though Sonakshi didn’t have to do much other than mouthing some filmy lines.

2. Joker (2012) : Few months after Rowdy Rathore, came Shirish Kunder’s Joker, a film which Akshay Kumar refused to even promote. Sonakshi promoted the film alone, however Joker was outright rejected by the audience.

3. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 (2013) : We will get to see Akshay and Sonakshi once again in the sequel to Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Many actresses were considered for the role but it was Sonakshi who finally bagged the role.

4. Thupakki Remake (2013) : Rumors are that Parineeti Chopra was initially signed opposite Akshay Kumar for the  Hindi remake of Thupakki. But Akshay wanted Sonakshi to be casted opposite him in the movie. The duo are now shooting for the Thupakki remake.

Also let’s not forget OMG Oh My God, even though Akshay-Sonakshi did not have any scenes together the film was produced by Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi did a special appearance only because the actor requested her to do so.

So Akshay and Sonakshi have done 4 films together in 2 years. Do you think there is an overdose of these two? Are you tired of watching them appear together everywhere or you can’t seem to get enough of them? What do you have to say?

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  • ichcha

    Yes, i think there is an overdose. Also they don’t make a good pair. Sonakshi is more suited for Salman, not Akshay. I personally think that Salman and Sonakshi make a much better pair.