Maximum Movie Reviews – Strictly Average!

Sonu Sood and Naseeruddin Shah’s Maximum has garnered strictly average reviews from the critics. While the actors have played their parts well, it’s the weak script makes the movie an average affair. This cop story is predictable and the directors fails to convincingly show the rivalry between the two cops. The film as expected has opened poorly at the Box Office.

Here’s a look at all the Maximum reviews so far.

Total Reviews: 8

3 stars: 2

2.5 stars: 1

2 stars: 3

1.5 star: 1

1 star: 1

Times Of India  3 stars: Director Kabeer Kaushik, has a good force of actors here and a gripping premise (with strong references to prominent encounter cops from recent past), but he doesn’t quite lead the way. There are scenes where he triggers good performances, but with the inclusion of too many facts, figures and case files, it loses entertainment value. And gradually the plot fades into dark gullies of our big, bad Maximum city.

Zee News  3 stars: Maximum` is a film that`s far more in-charge of its out-of-control sharp-shooting cops than it seems. Yes, there have been any number of films about encounter cops. But this one gets at the underbelly of desolation and isolation of such cops as effectively as Shimit Amin`s `Ab Tak Chappan`.

NDTV Movies  2.5 stars: Maximum lacks the nuanced detailing and the urgent pacing that should have automatically sprung from a theme yanked out of the internal files of a highly politicised police force. Living up to its title, the film had raised hopes of a new dawn. Maximum falls way short: it does not turn out to be a morning bright and sunny enough to spread all-round cheer.

Bollywood Hungama  2 stars: MAXIMUM could’ve been a riveting fare that would enlighten and entertain. But, like I pointed out earlier, there’s not much that the film offers on the table, after you’re told about the two warring factions. There are sequences that seem repetitive or an extension of what one has watched earlier, besides moments that seem so hard to absorb in a realistic fare. The climax, for instance, though filmed brilliantly, looks unreal as the two cops battle it out on a secluded railway platform.

DNA  2 stars: Kabeer Kaushik’s Maximum, oscillating between docu-drama and action thriller, lands up somewhere between the two and nowhere in particular. The story is predictable, the screenplay lacklustre and the characters undercooked. There was potential for the film to be a taut cop drama — despite the seen-before encounter specialist angle — but it ends up as a cop-out.

Indian Express  2 stars: Maximum’ turns out to be a dampener. Not because it doesn’t have interesting actors. Nor because it doesn’t have interesting situations. But because it comes off merely as ‘Sehar’ redux, minus its power. The creation of Prabhat Pandit (Sood) as a policeman with solid, honest roots but who has been co-opted by the corrupt system, is a minor win. The film goes back to a time when the builder lobby , backed by the Mafia, ruled Mumbai, and Bollywood.

Nowrunning  1.5 stars: One the major flaws is that neither does the film do enough justice to the portions where the cops encounter dons nor does it build up much on the rivalry between the two cops. Ultimately, the last sequence of a face-off between the two cops only comes across as preposterous.

Rediff   1 star: This one, however, tries too hard to appear ‘intelligent,’ which is why voices are softened and conversations are made matter-of-fact. The idea of corrupt cops facing off against each other can be a fine one, but mired here in the midst of people saying things really really slowly, it loses its steam.

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