Mink Brar replaces Karishma Kotak in Bigg Boss 6

Model and actress Mink Brar will replace Karishma Kotak in Bigg Boss 6 from the coming week. Karishma had to leave the Bigg Boss house 2 days back due to sudden demise of her father. She will now be replaced by Mink Brar who is best known for her role in Dev Anand’s Pyar Ka Tarana. She was recently in news for her bold comments about her sexuality where she had confessed being a lesbian.

Mink now says that she will spice up the atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house. Talking to Times Of India, she revealed her plans before her entry ” I have a lot to offer compared to the other contestants. I feel that they are holding themselves back, probably because they fear the cameras. I would be myself on the show”, she said. Mink already has opinions about Sapna Bhavnani who is one the contestant on the show  “I feel that Sapna is highly badtameez. You can’t talk rudely to the host of the show. Salman even requested her to lower her tone, but she didn’t”, she further added.

Well let’s wait and watch on how Mink’s entry will change the atmosphere in the house!

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