Multi-talented Preity Zinta turns script-writer

After successful stints in acting and business, Preity Zinta is now trying her hands on script writing . Apparently the actress is helping director Prem Soni to co-write his next upcoming venture ‘Ishq in Paris’. Preity is the producer of the movie.

The movie was initially rumored to be an imitation of films like Sunrise, Sunset and Family Man, which according to the actress is untrue.  According to her, it is an original scripted commercial Hindi film which cannot be labeled as an Indo-French film. Shot in Paris, the film has a mix of Bollywood as well as French actors.

“Preity has been instrumental in completing the film’s story. So whether it was discussing dialogues or fleshing out scenes, she made every effort to strengthen the script,” says the director.

The gorgeous actress would be seen on the big screen after a gap of four years, barring her two cameos that she made in between for Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

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