Rowdy Rathore – Innovative posters!

The team of Rowdy Rathore has come up with some very innovative posters. The first poster that was released had a hand painted image of Akshay Kumar with the tag line “Faulad Ki Aulaad”. The poster looked unique and it was later revealed that it was hand painted by street artists.

Over the course, the makers kept on releasing different hand painted posters with various eye catching dialogues/lines. The artistic images definitely make the posters look very different from any other movie posters and the lines written of them make them all the more appealing.

Here all the Rowdy Rathore posters right from the beginning. Have a look!

Rowdy Rathore First Posters

Faulaad Ki Aulaad

Nayaa Saal Nayaa Maal

Don’t Angry Me

The makers also came up with different posters for Holi. A special telephone line was set to help all those who wanted to complain against eve teasing on Holi.

Rowdy Rathore Holi Posters

The trend continued with a new Rowdy Rathore poster for Diwali – Ilaaka tera, dhamaka mera!

Rowdy Rathore Diwali Poster

And few days before the release, several posters were released with some eye catching lines written on them!

Rowdy Rathore Pre-Release Posters

Ek ticket mein double dhamaka

Ticket ki khidhki pe Rowdy bole, Baaki kaam mujhe par chor

Theater tera, tamasha mera

On the day of the release, yet another poster was released.

Rowdy Rathore Release Day Poster

Aaj hoga action ka double dhamaka

And after the film was released worldwide on 1st June, we saw another poster.

Rowdy Rathore In Cinemas Poster

Sach “mooch” ka Rowdy

After breaking Box Office records, the movie is definitely super hit!

Rowdy Rathore Super Hit Poster

Maal hit, action fit Picture Super Hit

What do you think about these Rowdy Rathore posters? We love them!

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