Talaash postponed, Rowdy Rathore preponed!

In the news of the day Aamir Khan’s Taalash has been postponed to November while Rowdy Rathore has been preponed to 1st June. Though Rowdy Rathore has been preponed by only 15 days, Aamir’s Talaash has been pushed ahead by 5 months! Taalash was supposed to release on 1st June, co starring Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee it is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. However with the release date being postponed to November, looks like Aamir Khan fans will have to wait much longer to see their favorite actor on screen.

The reason that has been given for the postponement is that Aamir is very busy with his new TV show (which also starts around June) due to which he won’t be having any time to promote the film in May/June. Knowing how Aamir promotes his films, the makers didn’t want to take any chances and have thus postponed the release date to 30th November.

And with the news of Taalash being postponed, the makers of Rowdy Rathore  preponed their release date to 1st June. So now in place of Taalash, the viewers get to see Rowdy Rathore on 1st June. So here are the new release date for both movies:

 Movie                                       New Release Date                     Old Release Date

Taalash                                         30th November                              1st June

Rowdy Rathore                              1st June                                        15th June


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