TB Birthday Special: 5 things we love about Shilpa Shetty!

Shilpa Shetty turns 37 today and on her birthday we take a look at 5 things that we love about her.

1. Her figure: It’s almost impossible to talk about Shilpa Shetty and not mention her fabulous figure. The tall actress definitely has a body to die for and thus it is no surprise that she pulls off both the Indian and Western outfits with ease.

2. Her dance: Shilpa is a brilliant dancer, remember her thumkas in ‘Main aayi hoon UP Bihar lootne’ or in ‘Shut Up & Bounce’? We miss watching her dance on screen.

3. Shilpa in sareee: We will be honest, we don’t think any other actress rocks the sarees like she does. Shilpa looks fabulous in sarees and we hope to see her in them more often!

4. Her Yoga DVD: Yes, we loved it! It was nice of Shilpa to share her fitness secrets with the world. The DVD is quite detailed and well made and no we aren’t promoting her DVD here!

5. Her smile: The actress has a big broad smile but it is definitely beautiful and lights up the screen.

Here’s wishing Shilpa Shetty a very birthday from everyone here on TB!

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