TB Birthday Special : What makes Aamir Khan unique?

Aamir, the perfectionist Khan celebrated a very busy birthday this year. While he usually takes off on his birthdays, it was not the case this year as he was busy shooting for his upcoming TV show on Star Plus. It has been a while since the viewers have seen Aamir Khan on screen. Of course he was seen in Dhobi Ghat which came in 2010 but as far as a big commercial film is concerned, 3 Idiots was his last release and that came way back in 2009. But Aamir has always been different from the rest and so we aren’t surprised to see that he doesn’t believe much in the theory of “one should not remain away from the public eye for too long” in showbiz. The actor who has done some memorable roles in a career spanning over more than two decades is known for being unique in everything he does- his films, his roles and now even his TV show! What makes Aamir different from the other Bollywood actors? What makes him stand out? A lot actually…

Versatility thy name is Aamir : Aamir tries to play a  different character in  every movie, something that we don’t see very often in Bollywood. He has successfully played a lover, a college student, a police officer, a terrorist, a villager, a mumbai tapori, a taxi driver etc. in his long filmy career. When it comes to variety in roles, its hard to beat Aamir.

Being elusive is important : The actor chooses to work in only one film at a time. No wonder his last big film came back in 2009! This is something that doesn’t go too well with many of his fans as they don’t get to see him much on screen.  However for Aamir its quality over quantity and in spite of people wanting him to do more films he sticks to doing one film at a time.

Who cares about awards? : Certainly not Aamir Khan! He was disappointed when he did not win the best actor award for Akele Hum Akele Tum in 1995. In fact he was so disappointed that he never attended any Indian film awards after that! Aamir doesn’t believe in any of the film awards and now it seems the award ceremonies have also started ignoring him. Well Aamir certainly won’t mind that!

Big on film promotions: It is said that Aamir Khan comes up with the most unique ways to promote his films. Aamir’s novel ways of film promotion includes giving Ghajini style hair cut to people! Yes that’s right Aamir Khan turned a barber for promoting his film Ghajini in Delhi. Not only that, while promoting 3 idiots, he played a prank on cricketer Sourav Ganguly and also gatecrashed weddings.

While other try and follow the common path, Aamir seems to follow his own path in Bollywood. He is truly the actor with a difference. We look forward to see him in Talaash and also in his extremely ambitious TV show! Good luck Aamir!

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