The Attacks Of 26/11: Movie Trailer and Poster

No Indian can ever forget the attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai in 2008. Ram Gopal Varma has now made a movie on the attacks that shook the nation, the movie is called The Attacks of 26/11. Co-incidentally, RGV visited the hotel Taj right after the terrorist attack and back then he had said that he had no intention of making a movie on this subject but looks like that was not the case to begin with!

The Attacks Of 26/11 is a Film by Ram Gopal Varma based on the 2008 attacks in Mumbai. The film features Sanjay Jaiswal, Nana Patekar & more. This movie gives you an insight of 26/11, when 9 trained terrorists held Mumbai hostage for 60 hours causing Mumbai under terror.

Check out the official trailer and poster of the movie.

The Attacks Of 2611-Official Movie Poster-tbwm

The Attacks Of 26/11 – Official Poster

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