The fuss about Aishwarya Rai’s weight gain!

One news that has been featuring prominently in Bollywood columns over the past few months is of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s weight gain after her pregnancy. The actress has made few public appearances after giving birth to her daughter in November last year, but whenever she has, there has been tons of photographs comparing her before and after pregnancy looks and several stories on how she is all ballooned up and needs to lose weight pronto. We look into what the fuss is all about.

Lets first take a look at some of her post-pregnancy appearances.

From Left To Right: At Femina Women Awards, At Ritesh-Genelia Wedding Reception and At Dubai World Cup 2012

Looking at the pictures it is clear that the actress has gained a lot of weight after her delivery and it also seems that she is no hurry to lose it. People have different things to say about Aishwarya Rai’s weight gain. Usually there are two contradictory views:

View No. 1: She is a Bollywood actress and being a part of showbiz it is her duty to look good and fit. Till now she has been praised for her beauty, so it is only fair that she should also be criticized if she is not able to live up to it. She needs to learn from people like Vicktoria Beckham who are back to size zero weeks after their delivery! She needs to lose that weight god dammit, its been close to 5 months already!

View No.2: Aishwarya Rai is also a human being at the end of day. Her weight gain shows that she is enjoying the new phase of her life and is no hurry to lose it. In fact, the fact that she is taking it easy makes her more human. She is glowing and is enjoying motherhood and will lose weight when required. Why attack her weight just because she is a celebrity? People need to give her a break!

So these are two major views that we have come across in the past few months! Which one do you agree with? Personally we agree with bits of both, she should be allowed to enjoy motherhood without the pressure of losing weight but then that’s the price you have to pay for being Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!

We look forward to hearing from our readers.

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