Video: Salman Khan supports Shahrukh Khan on Bigg Boss!

Salman-Khan-Supports-Shahrukh Khan-On-Bigg-Boss-6

Even though the two biggest stars of Bollywood, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are not on talking terms, Salman supported SRK on Bigg Boss when contestant Imam Siddique claimed that  he was behind making Shahrukh a star.

Salman and Imam got into an argument on yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss during which Imam said that he cast Shahrukh and Preity Zinta in an advertisement that was immensely liked by the audience. Salman who seemed irritated with this statement replied back saying “Shahrukh is a big star because of his hard work, dedication and his fans and not because you took him in an advertisement”.

Here’s the video from Bigg Boss where Salman speaks in supports of Shahrukh. Have a look!

Note: Credit to video uploader. No copyright infringement intended.

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