Vidya or Sonam: Who wears the ‘nose-ring’ better at Cannes 2013?


 Vidya And Sonam At Cannes 2013

Bollywood beauties Vidya Balan and Sonam Kapoor are making waves with their fashion statements at the on-going Cannes Film Festival 2013. The actresses were spotted wearing ‘nathni’ or nose rings for their respective red carpet appearances.

While Sonam wore a round nath for her appearance on Day 1 of the Cannes Film Festival, Vidya wore a Maharashtrian style nose-ring on Day 2. If you ask us, they both could have done better without the nath or maybe they could have opted for smaller nose-rings. The ones they are wearing look too big for their faces.

So who do you think wears this  better? Vidya Balan on Sonam Kapoor? Vote!

Who wears the nose-ring better at Cannes 2013?


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