Why is Akshay Kumar not promoting Joker?

Akshay Kumar’s next movie Joker is releasing in two weeks however the actor doesn’t seem interested in promoting it. This is surprising considering the fact that he went all over the country promoting his last release Rowdy Rathore. The film went on to be a super hit.

According to a source Akshay was apparently not happy with the story and that is why has decided to keep away from the promotions ““Akshay was not happy with Shirish’s depiction of the story since the very beginning and so, he has now left the project alone. He does not want to associate with it” revealed a source.

The actor has not been seen at any promotional even for Joker. In fact he recently appeared on a TV reality show only to promote his production venture Oh My God which will release in September! He didn’t mention a word about Joker while on the show. Akshay has also refrained from tweeting about the movie.

So far only Farah Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Chitrangada Singh have been promoting Joker and of course the aliens too. With almost 10 days left for the movie, will Akshay finally promote Joker or he has already accepted that it’s going to flop at the box office? Let’s wait and watch!

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