Will Khiladi 786 be banned in Pakistan?

Bollywood films seem to be getting banned in Pakistan for one reason or the other. After Agent Vinod and Ek Tha Tiger, Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie Khiladi 786  might be the latest one to join the list. The Pakistan Censor Board has already banned the promos of the movie because the number 786 is sacred for Muslims and thus could hurt their sentiments. The theater owners have been told not to show the Khiladi 786 trailer with other movies. The  billboards of the movie have also been removed from various places.

Talking to a daily, the Chairman of the Censor Board Raja Mustafa Haider said ” The appearance of banners for the film in Rawalpindi and other areas was brought to my notice and I asked the City District Government Rawalpindi to remove all of them.”

However a final decision on the release of Khiladi 786 in Pakistan will be taken only after the movie is seen by the members of the Censor Board. The movie might be released in the country without using the number 786.

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