Akshay Kumar to host Fear Factor again!

Actor Akshay Kumar will be seen hosting the reality show Fear Factor once again. However the next season will now go on air in 2014 instead of 2013 because of Akshay’s busy schedule. The actor had no dates in 2013 and so the channel Colors has decided to wait till Akshay is done with his prior commitments. A source from the channel said “The main problem was Mr.Akshay Kumar’s dates. He is busy with his films all of 2013. Initially, we thought we would go ahead with someone else. But the general opinion is, no one can take Akshay’s place in Fear Factor. So we’re willing to wait until he gets free in 2014”.

Apparently Akshay had a long discussion with the channel officials during which he requested them to go ahead with someone else. However the officials felt that it was impossible to find a replacement for the actor and so they have now decided to wait for him. “Our bandwidth for reality shows is filled for the next one year. We had two options, to go ahead with Fear Factor without Akshay in 2013 or wait for him to do the show in 2014. We decided on the latter option”, added the source.

So get ready to watch Akshay Kumar back with a new season of Fear Factor!

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