Best Male Debut Of 2012 – Poll


Some confident newcomers made their way into Bollywood in 2012. While Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan were introduced by Karan Johar in Student Of The Year, it was John Abraham who launched Ayushmann Khurrana in Vicky Donor.

Siddharth and Varun proved to quite a hit with their looks among girls whereas Ayushmann was more appreciated for his perfect portrayal of a Delhi guy. The year also saw another confident debutant in form on Arjun Kapoor in Ishaqzaade. As the rustic ‘Parma’, he was liked by one and all.

Another TV actor who made his entry into Bollywood this year was Pulkit Samrat in Bittoo Boss. Even though the film flopped at the box office, Pulkit was appreciated for his performance which helped him bag more performances. Bengali actor Parambrata Chatterjee also left his mark with his sweet performance in the super hit Kahaani.

So who do you think should win the Best Male Debut of 2012?

Go ahead and vote in our poll! You can vote till 27th December after which we will declare the results.

Best Male Debut Of 2012?

  • Siddharth Malhotra (SOTY) (39%, 269 Votes)
  • Varun Dhawan (SOTY) (17%, 115 Votes)
  • Pulkit Samrat (Bittoo Boss) (17%, 115 Votes)
  • Ayushmann Khurrana (Vicky Donor) (16%, 109 Votes)
  • Arjun Kapoor (Ishaqzaade) (12%, 84 Votes)
  • Parambrata Chatterjee (Kahaani) (0%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 694

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  • Erum_303

    Sidharth is best… plz vote 4 him….. i lov u sid:*:*:*

  • pinks

    sidharth is the best..he has got looks,style,acting..everything that one needs to b a superstar..plz vote for him

    • Garg_rahat

      baby everything is not about looking should know how to act n how to face a camera..your sidharth has a long way to go

  • Samikhan0011

    sid yar aur kaun

  • Erum_303

    Evry1 plz vote sid……. he’s the only dsrving:* i lov u sidharth

  • Bso0om_02

    SIDHARTH MALHOTR he’s the only dsrving >3 he’s the best

  • Sweetslove007

    Sidharth all the way!! <3

  • Divya

    sidharth malhotra – is the best male debut :) no doubt…

  • Sanjanakamath

    Sid is d bst :)

  • Sanju

    Sid is d bst :)

    • Anop kashyap

      pulkit is d best ha ha ha 

  • Ashish

    this poll is fake…somebody is voting for Pulkit Samrat who even does not deserve to be in the list…
    3rd class actor… and where is arjun kapoor as a nominee?
    Sidharth Malhotra was winning, some crazy pulkit fans are voting that useless actor.
    Sid is truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuly deserving….. everybody knows! 

    • Talk Bollywood

      Our system automatically got rid of fake votes and tally now reflects actual votes. We’ve also ensured that going forward it won’t be possible for an individual to vote multiple times. Thanks for pointing out.

    • Delhigirls

       yaaa for sure if u r a sid fan n r voting for him rest others all r stupids because they support their actors…no offences to sid but if he is deserving so is pulkit rather even more…so please stop being offensive towards others….n learn to give due respect to others votes too…

    • rahat

      beta nobody knows who the hell sidharth is..he needs to learn how to act first..bollywood is not only about good looks,its about need to clear your thoughts..go learn something first..and moreover you are nobody to tell who is bad or good if you have no knowledge about it..

  • jeslin_sid

    total fake poll…. i will die if pulkit wins… !!!
    yuck …. ugly & no-talent actor.. i want varun ya sid to win..

    • Anop kashyap

      only the best will win and pulkit the best,PULKIT SAMRAT THE SAMRAT OF BOLLLYWOOD

    • Garg_rahat

      what do you know about acting,huh…i will die if sid wins..there is no comparison between pulkit and sid z acting..sid even dsnt know how to express..

  • Jhanvi_shekhar

    How come that disastrous Pulkit Samrat on the top??? He’s not even nominated for the real awards !!!

    • Talk Bollywood

      There were some fake votes…it’s sorted now… 

      • Jhanvi_shekhar

        thank you :)

    • Meenuchopra177

      Dear Jhanvi,
      It is good if all of us can respect all the contestants. All of them have gone through a lot of struggle and have put in a lot of efforts to reach this stage. ALL OF THEM ARE WINNERS. and it will be good if their supporters also maintain the right spirit towards all of them. Remarks like yours reflect the spirit of the artist as well as his supporters. While all other contestants and their supporters maintain a dignified stance towards others, u r the only one who is exhibiting a bad spirit. Please be sporting and stop acting like a spoilt child who wants to prove that the candy in his/her hand is the best. We Salute the hard work of all the artists and wish all of them good luck

  • Devesh Asrani

    pulkit all d way!!!!

  • Merchanthatal

    Pulkit pulkit vote 4 pulkit

  • Mannamanglani

    pulkit is fresh face,talented,humble,dynamic……….a powerful package

  • Ashish

    Pulkit samrat is the best male debut of year 2012. He is most deserving. Plz vote for pulkit people.

    • Jhanvi_shekhar

      omg plz dont tell me !!! joke!

      • Garg_rahat

        you are a joke dear..huh

    • Meenuchopra177

      I agree…he is the only one who made his mark inspite of being a part of a weak script …he proved that movies might not do well because of various reasons but a real talent shines through and proves himself inspite of all odds….We are proud of this real talent….u rock Pulkit

  • Ayla Sidharth


  • Jgbaxi

    is this a fake site…have never seen vote count coming down in any site after the the voted is giving in favour of a person…

    • Talk Bollywood

      That’s because there were multiple votes from the same IP address. The system has deleted those votes. and no it is not a fake site :)

      • Shekharmennon

        We have in records that your voting system were not
        accepting second vote from the same IP address and now you have a justification
        to contend that IP address being used in duplicates. 


        And further,  we have screen
        shot of your previous voting pattern which shown a different results. This is a
        serious matter which requires investigation and not at all a democratic process.
         Please reply forthwith  your rules and by laws which have to be
        adopted for this poll. This may be taken as a legal notice, which your reply is
        required immediately.  Adv. Shekhar

        • Jgbaxi

          this is a perfect asking by Mr. Lawyer…such voting system are so passionate that someone has commented that i will die if Pulkit wins…so please the administrator(s) show us the authentication what are your laws/rules/regulations for this voting and if you have a record of fake polling then when will you disclose the authentic polling who is going to judge that your site is authentic? Admin Sir, your reply is a must or else please stop using the names of all the brothers for the popularity of your site….God Really Blesses YOU ALL!  

        • Talk Bollywood

          Clearly you’ve a shortcoming in your monitoring system. We don’t tolerate cheating and if our system detects duplicate votes, they will be deleted.

          • Jgbaxi

            Do you have a set rule or technology to monitor the voting system if yes then why don’t you teach us, make us educated with what it is? 
            As an internet surfer i’ve a simple computer…
            No one is cheating, your site is acting funny, “the very comedy.” 
            The Link to the Privacy Police is again diverting the issue, as you really have to go back to school in understanding what freaking site you have made…
            do you have any list of who are the people keeping that check if you or your site is cheating or not…making use of all these celebs and creating a cheap controversy to popularise your site. isn’t it? if, NO, then as asked by Mr. Lawyer where is the rule and regulations copy? do you understand what is, “RTI” and what happens after that? 
            you mentioned about IP (Internet Protocol) why don’t you have a page stating about the genuine IP from which the super genuine votes have come?
            be transparent and be clear for long run…or else keep running on the cost of all the names that you are using, GOD really bless you till these celebs do not get offended by the irregularities of your site…. 

          • Awarecitizens

            Dear Sir,

            If you say that multiple votes were cast from the same IP address, then this reflects a serious flaw in your system as a fair and competent voting site will not accept votes from the same IP address. Are you then saying that people have been voting on a flawed voting site???? If your system is not fully equipped to handle fair voting process, then you cannot pass on the buck to the users. I am surprised to hear this from the organisers. Its like saying…We are not well equipped to handle the competition that we started so people might have misused it and hence we will go around with a chopping axe slashing votes at our own whims and fancies. Please own up sir, you cannot run a competition on a flawed system and you cannot slash votes. this is like making a fool of public …rigging votes….or maybe what we have heard is true…the award has been bought so be ready to hear weak excuses from organisers…plerase clarify Sir

          • Jgbaxi

            Talk Bollywood is now “Not Taking Wet-Wood” another incidence of “All Intend and No Content” lets see how TalkBollywood talks or takes the note or are they busy making notes to bring in note here?
            thank you, Sir Awarecitizens

      • Jgbaxi

        this is a perfect asking by Mr. Lawyer…such voting system are so passionate that someone has commented that i will die if Pulkit wins…so please the administrator(s) show us the authentication what are your laws/rules/regulations for this voting and if you have a record of fake polling then when will you disclose the authentic polling who is going to judge that your site is authentic? Admin Sir, your reply is a must or else please stop using the names of all the brothers for the popularity of your site….God Really Blesses YOU ALL!  

      • ruchika yadav

        don’t show that is of course fake,this is uncalled for..if you guys have already chosen the winner,why vote….bullshit……..delete this thing right away n go announce your winner directly…no need to fake all this!!

  • Ammna Shaikh

    one and only sidharth malhotr…..he is the best debut…..:* :* :*

    • Jhanvi_shekhar

      of courzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  • Prasanna

    It is immaterial who wins. It should be on merits. If that has to be made sure the voting process is clear, just and open. It should be open to public scrutiny anytime. Else anyone the editorial choses to print as won would be projected. It is not for the good of the artists. Please ensure open and transparent voting system. Else the real real winners will always be in the dark.

  • Akriti_Sid

    Siddharth Malhotra, this 2012, r going to bag these 5 TOP Awards…
    1) the best male debut 2012 (its verified, authenticated & confirmed)
    2) the most promising new face (male) 2012
    3) the most goodlooking actor 2012
    4) the hearthrob of the Year 2012 (Ranbir has to handover the award; his time has expired)
    5) the youth icon 2012…!!

  • sid_ki_sweety

    Siddharth Malhotra is a perfect package. He has a calm and composed thing about him! The way he speaks, the way he conducts himself is so gentlemanly! wowwwwww :) I saw Soty, and he has a promising face and expressing eyes.. Anybody loves him :) Siddharth came as a surprise to everyone and he actually quoted saying “i am just waiting for SOTY 2 release…my work will speak for me “…. !!! What a confidence and simplicity………LOVE HIM!!!!
    He has the looks and talent AND he will emerge as a very good actor!!!!! Thats what the industry wants :)

    • Garg_rahat

      anybody loves him….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…that’ll be enough,i guess…

  • Anumalhotra81

    Pulkit definitely deserves to be here n to win. Pls vote for Pulkit people….. :)

  • Pooja

    undoubtedly pulkit samrat is the best … he not only has good looks bt some good talent too .. He surely is the winner 

  • angel


  • angel

    undoubtedly pulkit samrat not only is good looking but also has sheer talent … he deserves to be the best debutant <3

  • pooii


  • Nnaush

    all the way Sidharth Malhotra, the complete package !!

  • Tinanjali dutta

    sidharth malhotra is the best and the cutiest male debut of this year…love u sid <3 <3

  • Pallavi Sharma

    One and Only SIDHARTH MALHOTRA!!!!! =)