Jagdish Mali says he’s fine, Mink Brar accuses him of lying

Mink-Brar-Accuses-Jagdish-Mali-Of-LyingThe story of Jagdish Mali being saved by actress Mink Brar is grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. After Jagdish Mali threatened to sue Mink for maligning his name, the actress has now accused the photographer of lying. Mink said that he hasn’t heard from the Malis as yet “I haven’t heard from them, but I’ve been told that they are planning legal action. But on what basis will they sue me? For helping him? When I saw him, he was in such a state that I jumped out of the car to help him. He could have been run over by a vehicle. It took my brother an hour to get him to wear shorts”, she said.

Talking about the incident Mink further said that Jagdish Mali is now trying to cover up and media should give him a break “He doesn’t want to harm me. He is just trying to cover up and it’s ok. I think the media should give him a break and not talk about this now. I haven’t cooked up this story. Yesterday, a Punjabi filmmaker called me and said that he saw me on the road with a semi-naked man”, added Mink.

Earlier Mink had told media that she found Jagdish Mali in a semi-naked state. She also said that when she tried to help him he protested due to which she had to call Salman Khan who then sent his car. However Jagdish Mali later said that he was absolutely fine and Mink was cooking up a story “I couldn’t recognize her. I didn’t know who she was. Does that make me unwell? Log to kuch bhi likh dete hain. I am a technician and an artiste. I’ve been part of the film industry for decades. Never before have I felt so embarrassed.”,he said. His daughter actress Antara Mali had also blamed Mink for trying to garner cheap publicity.

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