Kunal Kohli slams Ayushmann Khurrana

A new war of words has cropped between director Kunal Kohli and actor Ayushmann Khurrana. Kunal and Ayushmann were in talk for project which did not materialize. Now according to Kunal, the actor asked for an established actress to be paired opposite her and that became the reason for the fallout. The director has now slamed Ayushmann for his unprofessional behavior. “Not doing the film with Ayushman.We discuss projects with various people some happen,some don’t. No big deal. Ayushmans reasons were demeaning to other actresses. Sad a newcomer thinks likes that. Real stars/actors don’t. Anyway,moving on :)”, wrote Kunal on twitter.

The director said that Ayushmann is behaving like a star and also alleged that the actor is using his name to gain publicity “Just to clarify I was NOT directing the proposed Ayushman film. Sad he’s projecting it like this to get publicity.”, he further added.

Ayushmann clarifies

The actor on his part told Times Of India that he did what he felt was correct ” I have decided not to work in the film. My condition when I agreed to work in it was that I needed an established actress”, he said. He also responded to Kunal’s remarks that he has become a star “It is not that I have become a star, I am working with a newcomer in Rohan Sippy’s film. But in a rom- com, pairing is very important. Since that wasn’t happening, I was forced to opt out of the project. Kunal is a very senior director, I would love to work with him”, said Ayushmann.

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