Video: Rani shows her belly moves in Aga Bai!

It’s seems Rani Mukherjee is leaving no stone unturned to make her upcoming movie Aiyaa as appealing to the masses as possible. After ‘Dreamum Wakeupum’, here is yet another item number ‘Aga Bai’ from Aiyaa. Rani has tried belly dancing in ‘Aga Bai’ and from what we see she definitely has excelled in it. That the actress is a very good dancer is a known fact, however this form of dancing is definitely new for Rani and also for her fans.

While we think that Rani dances really well in the song we really don’t know what to make out of so many item numbers in Aiyaa. Is Rani trying too hard to please the masses? We look forward to your views on this. Aiyaa releases on 12th October.

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