Ajay Devgn’s funny English dialogues from Bol Bachchan!

Ajay Devgn has got some really funny English dialogues in Bol Bachchan. He plays Prithviraj, a wrestler who is obsessed with the English language. Even though he doesn’t know much about the language he tries to translate whatever he says into English. The result of his translation leads to some very funny lines!

Check out some of Ajay Devgn’s funny English dialogues from Bol Bachchan. We have written what he is trying to translate/say in the bracket. Which one is your favorite dialogue?

– Pest Control Yourself (Please Control Yourself)

– Boy under armpit and hyper city in noise pollution (Bagal mein chora aur shehar mein dhindhora)

– My chest has become blouse (Meri chaati aur bhi chaudi ho gayi hai)

– English is a very funny language, naa pine hain naa apple phir bhi pineapple (Referring to the Pineapple cake)

– Brother-in-law will die Tommy’s death (Saale ko kutte ki maut maarunga)

– Now my head gear has gone to the sides (Aata Maajhi Satakli re)

– 12 o’clock at night, you do one night stand for me (12 baje bhi bulaya to bhi tum mere liye aaoge)

– When elders get cozy, don’t put your nosey (Jab bade baat kar rahe hai, bachche beech mein bola nahin karte)

– I will make them remember milk number 6 (Main unhe chatti ka doodh yaad dila dungaa)

– Thanks for the complan boy (Thanks for the compliment)

Hilarious isn’t it? We will update the page with more of his dialogues very soon!

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