TB Birthday Special: Priyanka’s Top 5 Performances!

As Priyanka Chopra or Pee Cee (as she is fondly called by her fans) turns 30 today, we take a look at 5 of her finest performances!

Fashion: Regarded by many as Priyanka’s finest performance, she played the role of a super model, Meghna Mathur in Fashion. We think Priyanka played this role to perfection. She played the supermodel with great confidence and was also able to successfully bring out the vulnerable side of Meghna. The role won her National Award for Best Actress.

Kaminey: Even though she had a small role, Priyanka was at her charming best in Kaminey. She won over the audience as the adorable Sweety and of course who can forget her dance number “Raat Ke Dhai Baje” from the movie. We think she looked uber cute in the Maharashtrian avatar in this one!

Dostana: The movie features in our list for one big reason, we think Priyanka has never looked better than this did in this one! Though her role wasn’t very challenging yet as they say it’s equally hard to play a simple role with conviction. Priyanka as Neha was the perfect ‘Desi Girl’ in Dostana!

What’s Your Raashee?: Even though the film bombed at the box office, we think Priyanka was absolutely fabulous in the movie. It’s not easy to play 1 character as here she was playing 12 belonging to different zodiacs! Our favorites were Chandrika and Bhavna. Pee Cee was hilarious in these bits.

7 Khoon Maaf: We think this must have been the most challenging role of her career. Priyanka played Susanna, an Anglo-Indian women who marries 7 times and kills 6 of her husbands! The story spanned through her entire lifetime and Priyanka played each and every part brilliantly. We can imagine it must have been super tough mentally to play such a complex character. The film didn’t do well at the box office but Priyanka rececived rave reviews for her performance.

So these were our top 5 performances of Priyanka Chopra. What about you?

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