Vishwaroopam Ban: Film fraternity supports Kamal Hassan

Vishwaroopam-Ban-Film-Industry-Supports-Kamal-HassanFilm fraternity has reacted strongly on the ban of  Kamal Hassan’s movie Vishwaroopam in Tamil Nadu. The government of Tamil Nadu has banned the release of  Vishwaroopam citing the reason that the movie portrays Muslims in a bad light. Even though the movie was passed by the censor board, it could not be released in Tamil Nadu where Kamal Hassan is a big star. Superstars like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have shown their support to Kamal Hassan calling the ban sad and unfortunate. In fact Salman also tweeted a picture which said “I Support Kamal Hassan”. Here’s what other celebs are tweeting about the ban on Vishwaroopam.

Shruti Hassan : My father has asked me to refrain from interviews and comments due to the volatile situation and the fact that this is a situation that is sub judice . Having said that my support and respect for my father and the film he has made is more than hundred percent. On behalf of the family Thankyou for all the support , awaiting justice

Karan Johar : a zone of shame for a sham of a political scenario….Kamal Haasan needs not only our support but fraternity proactivity… NOW!!!

Shabana Azmi : TN govt wants 2 protect those who r ‘offended’ Im offended too when Im prevented from watching a film passed by CBFC. TN Govt r u listening

Madhavan : I am sad that My Tamil Nadu has become such a laughing stock the world over.Considered the icon of cultural finness and home to the finest artist and tech in the world, today I see all that tantamount to nothing.all who have seen the film agree there is nothing portraying my brothers in bad light nor any religion.why are we in TN bringing the monster of Communal disharmony to our doorstep. Vishwroobam is not just a film anymore. Its a symbol of what is right and Right should prevail over might or we are never going to be a progressive peaceful Nation.I bleed for you Kamal Sir.

Anupam Kher : As a former Censor Board Chief I strongly CONDEMN Banning of Kamal Hassan’s #Vishwaroopam. We as People of India are Shamelessly SPINELESS. Kamal Hassan travelled with me to LA and kept talking passionately about exciting times in cinema in India. This is what we do to him.

Abhishek Bachchan : Ok, I’m confused. So are we in the film industry even meant to bother getting our films censored? Or work according to their guidelines? Offended by a film or its contents? simple solution…don’t buy the ticket to see the film? Let the audience decide for themselves.

Tanuj Garg : In this country, everyone has the right to offend, except the film industry!!!!!!

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