Will Shahid’s fortune turn around with R…Rajkumar?

Shahid Kapoor, whose films over the years have flopped right, left and center is now relying on R…Rajkumar to turn the fortunes for him. We don’t know what is it with Shahid that his movies flop at the box office. He is good looking, decent actor and dancer but there’s something that is unable to catch the attention of the audience. Shahid has been in the industry for  a decade and his last universal hit was Jab We Met which came way back in 2007.

If you look at his previous films, he tried everything – off beat films, romance saga, reincarnations, masala movies, but nothing ever worked out for him. He did get critical acclaim for Kaminey but post that his movies have fallen like ninepins. Shahid now has all his hopes on R…Rajkumar. By the way the movie till very recently was called Rambo Rajkumar but due to some legal issues the name was changed at the last moment.

R..Rajkumar can very well turn the wheels for Shahid. Here’s why:

1. The movie is directed by Prabhudeva, one of the biggest directors in the industry today.

2. Masala genre is still being appreciated by the audience if the success of Chennai Express is anything to go by.

3. The promos prove that the movie has all the ingredients that make a masala movie work – action, romance, dance and famous dialogues!


The odds are in favor of R…Rajkumar. Will this one turn things around for Shahid? We will find that out in Dec 2013.

We hope this one clicks, for Shahid’s sake! In an ever changing industry and tough competition he is need of a desperate hit.

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