Get ready for Agent Vinod part 2!

Even though the recently released Agent Vinod didn’t really break all records at the box office, director Sriram Raghavan and producer Saif Ali Khan are all set to work on its sequel! The duo plans to make Agent Vinod a franchise like James Bond and are keen to start working on it very soon. In an interview director Sriram Raghavan said that he has taken all the criticism for Agent Vinod in his stride and will make sure that his next movie is not more than 2 hours long.

The director said that people were expecting Agent Vinod to be a thriller like his previous movie Johnny Gaddar. However according to him, the movie not a thriller, instead its an action spy film. Saif Ali Khan will be a part of the sequel however the rest of the star cast has not been yet finalized. The director said that like the Bond series the story will move to different places in the world. He will begin working on the script of Agent Vinod 2 shortly!

Will Kareena Kapoor be a part of the movie again? Lets wait and watch.


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