Video: Kareena Kapoor’s Mujra In Agent Vinod

Kareena Kapoor is attempting mujra for the first time in her upcoming movie Agent Vinod. The movie which also stars her beau Saif Ali Khan will release worldwide on 23rd March 2012. According to Kareena it was on Saif’s insistence that she did this mujra. The song has been choreographed by the dancing maestro Saroj Khan.

Comparisons are bound to happen especially when the predecessors have set a very high standard. Whether it’s Rekha’s adayein in Umrao Jaan or Madhuri Dixit’s impeccable moves in Devdas, each one of them have performed the mujra to perfection. So what do you think of Kareena’s mujra? Does she live up to the hype or is it a failed attempt?  Well, we think she looks like a million bucks but as far as the mujra goes there is a lot to be desired. The adayein and nazakat which are essential for a Bollywood mujra seem to be missing from this mujra.

We look forward to hearing from our readers.

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